Sunday, June 17, 2012

14. German Model Masters - Part 1

After a long time I've not visitied an modelling event, I felt more and more that the time has come to visit such an event. So yesterday I decided to visit the 14. German Model Master in Würzburg because it's not so far away from my home an I can spend more time on the event than on the street.

For me and my family it was a real nice event with many beautiful models, some traders, where I lost my money, and many kind visitors.

I tried to take some pictures and I want to show you some of them. Some pictures are not really good, but I think for me it's better than nothing to get an impression from this event and the models.

For me there were interessting traders on the event like Fredericus-Rex, Rai-Ro and Schilling Figuren with their beautiful sortiment of tin figures.

I took the pictures in some categories and I will show you the picture during the next days step by step.

Have fun with the pictures!

1. Inside s'Oliver Arena

Pictures were taken at lunch time through the windows of the restaurant

2. Ship models 

A submarine in detail

And what became of the iceberg?

Also welcome to the new follower



  1. WOW!!!
    it's very impressive !I never had the possibility to visit an event like this one, if I do,
    I think that I could become crazy!
    Thanks "LuckyWolf" to share with us!

    1. Visiting such an event, I'm could become crazy too.
      Regards fro Bruno the "LuckyWolf"

  2. Those pictures of the inside of a submarine in scale are wonderfull. The owner of this masterpiece must be very proud!

    Again thanks for sharing Bruno!