Sunday, June 23, 2013

HMS Prince of Wales - Part 1

Box Art
Decades ago, that I have built one of these small vessels. That was the time when Revell brought the Mini Ships in scale 1/1200 on the market. At that time I had built the entire series. Unfortunately, all the series are then gone broke during playing and relocations.

Meanwhile, I have them all back in my stock and because  I do not really want to paint figures in moment and my Bismarck in scale 1/200 even throw in the dock and it does not go on so right there, I have decided  to build one of these small vessels once again . My choice then fell on the HMS Prince of Wales.

With this post I start a small series of articles about my assembly of the small ship.

Maybe I'll just go down there like the real HMS Prince of  Wales, maybe not. You can in any case be close to the action.

The ship: 

Class:                     HMS Prince of Wales was a King George V class battleship
Launched:               03. 05. 1939
Into service:            19. 01. 1941
Key actions:            Battle of Denmark Strait 
                               Newfoundland Conference - Atlantic Charta
Fate:                       sunk on 10. 12. 1941 by Japanese air attack off Kuantan,
                               South China Sea

For more informations about the HMS Prince of Wales you can read this Wikipedia article.

The model:

Kit:                          06812 - HMS Prince of Wales
Manufacturer:           Revell
Scale:                      1/1200
Parts:                       45
The pictures of the kit content:

Back view of the box with painting guide and assembly instructions

The parts - overview

The parts - detail view

The parts - detail view

The hull - bottom view

The hull - top view
In the next post I will show you  the first steps of assembly.

With this in mind....

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