Sunday, June 09, 2013


This is Suzie from Historex and the Lady is new in my collection.  This will be....

a great challenge for me, because it's a flat figure and I never paint a flat figure before. The height of the figure is round about 70mm. The picture above is a photo I've taken from the painting guide. I hope I can reach an equal result.

Inspired by the really well painted flat figures of Gerald, a modeling mate from Strolchs Modellbauwelt, I thought that once you try. I've planned to start with painting through the summer holidays, if I find the time beside all the other projects I'm working on.

Strolchs Modellbauwelt is a small but nice modelling forum with really nice members and good content. In contrast to some other forum here prevails a very familiar dealing with each other. Maybe you can visit us, make yourself a picture and maybe you will become a member..

Now the next weeks I will try to find informations on the techniques and how to paint a flat figure. I think that there are differences in painting a flat figure to the figures I paint normally. If some of you have ideas or experience in painting flat figures please share it with me. Every tip or advice is very welcome. Thank you in advance!

The figure is from resin and has very fine engraving.

With this in mind....


  1. Hola Amigo
    Guau Magnifica elección
    Estaré a tentó
    Un Saludo

  2. Very nice looking figure. Enjoy the painting!

  3. @Rodger

    Yes Rodger, I think I will enjoy the painting.


  4. @j.d

    Hola Amigo,
    Si, este é un número moi bo. Estou ansioso para a pintura.

    Un Saludo