Friday, August 16, 2013

HMS Prince of Wales - Part 5

The original platforms

In this part of my PoW series we will make some modifications on the Admiral's bridge and the Signal platform.

You can see the original kit parts on the picture above. The parts are connected and not glued. For positioning serve me two toothpicks.

At first let's have a look on the Signal platform.

The Signal platform - before and after the modification

As you can see on the picture I replaced the very thick railing around the platform.  I've sanded down the original railing and replaced it with my own made railing. My railing was made from normal paper with a height of 1 millimeter. I think this thickness fits more to this scale.

The same I've done with the Admiral's platform.

The Admiral's platform - before and after

The astute observer will note that I've replaced the original AA guns with my self made guns. My guns are made from plastic and paper. It took me two hours and 20 attempts to get one gun that seems okay for me. The barrel of a gun has a length of 2 millimeters.
The next pictures shows you the original kit parts in place.

The kit parts - front view

The kit parts - rear view

And now for comparison the modified parts in place.

The modified parts - front view

The modified parts - port side

The modified parts - rear view

Close view of the superstructure

The modified parts - starboard view
I've added also the bridge windows at the Admiral's bridge and the Signal platform.

Now that's all for this little update. As you can see on the pictures, the portholes which I've made in an earlier step are too big. So I will change that in one of the next steps.

With this in mind....

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