Sunday, December 22, 2013

A surprice for the 4th Advent

For the 4th Advent can you open the little door in the advent calendar and you will see the surprise that has reached me yesterday.

No, I'm sorry for everyone who expects something new from Suzie. 
I'm still working on some corrections.

But now the news...

These sets I had ordered in May this year and I had thought I never will get them. The delivery by the manufacturer had shifted again and again. But finally they are there, the infantry sets of the Prussian infantry of  Frederick II ("the Great") plus the set of the Austrian artillery, which was missing in my collection. A introduction of the Seven Years' War you can find in this Wikipedia article.

The HäT sets for the Seven Years' War are:
  • 8280  -  7YW Prussian Marching
  • 8281  -  7YW Prussian Action
  • 8282  -  7YW Prussian Command

As written on the backside of the box it seems to me that Hät plans more 7YW sets for the future:

  • Prussian Artillery
  • Prussian Cavalry
  • Seven Years War Austrians

The Austrian Artillery is the HäT set:

  • 8037  -  Napoleonic Austrian Artillery

In the next few days I will introduce you to the sets in more detail
So stay tuned.

With this in mind....


  1. Great look this model ! I follow the work .
    Greetings an Merry Christmas Bruno .

  2. Always nice to have boxes of troops delivered!

  3. Thanks Rodger and Merry Christmas!

    So it could be every day :-)