Sunday, December 29, 2013

HäT 8280 - 7YW Prussian Marching

As previously announced, I show you today the first of the three sets of figures of HäT about the Seven Years' War. It's the set 8280 - 7YW Prussian Infantry Marching.

Back of the box

The Content

The set contains 4 sprues with a total of 40 figures in 2 different marching poses. The figures are made ​​of soft plastic. For each of the figures are 3 different hats to choose from, a musketeer, a grenadier and a fusilier hat. This gives us the option to vary the figures for what we need without buying another sets ( unless we need more figures ;-) ).

The content in pictures

Front of a sprue

Back of a sprue

Front in detail

Back in detail


Material:                   soft plastic
Number of figures    40 figures in 2 different poses with

                                  40 Musketeer hats
                                  40 Grenadier hats
                                  40 Fuselier hats 

The historical correctness seems to me, as far as I can judge currently to be good.I think these sets are a good addition to the Zvezda and Revell kits about 7YW.

A very interesting page about the Seven Years' War, the battles, troops uniforms, flags and so on you can find here: Seven Years' War

The next set I will show you in the next few days.

With this in mind....


  1. Nice figures & very nice unboxing !

    Greetings, Mario

  2. Very good looking set. I do like the separate hats, great idea!

    1. Thank you Rodger!. Yes, the separate hats are a great idea.

  3. Great review Bruno! All the best for the new year mate.

    1. Thank you Paul. I wisjh you and your family a Happy New Year 2014!

  4. These look fun, can't wait to see what you do with them.

    1. Thanks Michael. I have in addition some other sets from Revell and Zvezda. I'm thinking about some small vignettes about 7YW.

  5. As you can change the hats you get six different figures in the set. Still a few more poses would have been great.