Saturday, January 04, 2014

HäT 8281 - 7YW Prussian Action

And here's the next set from Hät about 7YW Prussians.

Back of the box

The Content

As in the previously presented set HäT 8280 - 7YW Prussian Marching the box contains 4 sprues with a total of 40 figures in 5 different action poses. The figures are made ​​of soft plastic. For each of the figures are 3 different hats to choose from, a musketeer, a grenadier and a fusilier hat.

The Content in pictures

Front of a sprue

Back of a sprue

Some detail views

With this in mind....


  1. Lovely model Bruno , i'm looking forward the progression .

  2. Looks like a very useful set! Very tempting!

  3. I'm dissepointed in this set. They call it the Action set of this range, but with two standing figures on a total of five poses, there will be not a lot of action. A kneeling figure fyering would have been much better. No this set is to static for me.
    But I'm curious how you will paint them Bruno! :-)


    1. Yes Peter, some kneeling figures would be fine and I agree with you that the poses are very static for an action box. How I will paint them? I has to do some research and then I will decide. I plan to do some small vignettes but I have nothing concrete in mind.