Sunday, June 14, 2015

HäT 8174 - Brunswick Cavalry

The order and the delivery

I remember very well that I ordered this set in December 2012.  At that time HäT has had announced this box and my vendor offered this set. After ordering my supplier told me , there were delivery problems and he would send it to me later. So far so good. Since I had not yet paid for the goods, I forgot the purchase order with time. As you'd probably imagine my surprise and delight when the set on 06/13/2015 finally has arrived with me. A long time without cavalry. During this time If felt like Lee in Gettysburg waiting for J.E.B Stuart ;-)

The box


The sprues

The box contains 3 identical sprues with a total of 12 troopers and 12 horses and some additional parts.

The troopers

As you can see on the picture the sprue contains two different kind of troopers. Three Hussars and one Lancer from a Light Squadron. In addition, the sprue contains arms and weapons for exchange.

The second from the left is the Lancer, the others are Hussars. 
Please have a look on the rifles and the rifle butts. I think it's a funny construction :-)

The horses

One sprue contains four horses in two identical poses.

With this in mind....

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


... of a Ju 87, salvaged from the sea.

Photos were taken in the Auto- und Technikmuseum Sinsheim.

With this in mind....