Sunday, August 26, 2012

SpaceDays 2012 - Part 3 folgt Teil 3 der Bilder... follows Part 3 of the pictures ...

Teil 4 folgt in den nächsten Tagen. Also dranbleiben.

Part 4 will follow in the coming days. So stay tuned.

Hier findest Du die anderen Posts.
Here you find the other posts.

Hier findest Du Bilder von der 14. German Model Masters.
Here you find pictures from the 14th German Model Masters.

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  1. hahaha very fun. lots of stuff there. I do wonder how much is 1/72 scale... I was wondering how to make my wars in Oronegro a bit more interesting than just man vs man, zombies, robots and giant monsters have all crossed my mind so far! maybe some mad scientist is making some super hi-tech weaponary, tanks and aircraft... just a thought

    1. Hi Gowan. You're right, there was a lot of stuff and the next post show you more. The most models there are not in scale 1/72. I think a battlestar in 1/72 is too big for the most of the modellers. The idea with the mad scientist sounds good. Tell us a little story post by post. And at the end of each post you can use a cliffhanger to makes it interessting for the readers to read the next post.


    2. still working on the plot. I am sure the mad scientist will be involved.