Sunday, August 12, 2012

Time to Turn

... I'm sitting here in my empty cell ...

No I'm sitting at my workplace and no not my workplace in office. The holidays in office are successfully finished and now I started my holidays at home for the next few weeks and what I have to do is...

... work?

No, not more than neccessary. The last months were very stressful and hectic. Tons of work in office, enough for two lifes, meetings and all the other things which seems to be important, but where I'm remained? It seems that I lost myself on the way. A couple of days ago I sat in my garden, watching the sun down, hearing the birds singing and the crickets chirp I clearly saw that this has to come to an end.

It's time to turn.

Time to turn off the hectic and stress in life to find new priorities. Finding time for my family and for my hobbies like figure painting, scale modelling, photography, astronomie, guitar playing and all the other little things I like to do. And maybe I'm able to take some photos from the dawn or sundown like the following picture...

Or to wake up in the morning with a stiff nake from watching the stars and have a photo like this...

By the way, I prefer to watch the stars in winter time. During the cold nights the sky is very clear and you have no heat haze as you have in summer time. That's the time to drink several cups of rum with a little bit tea in it, look through the telescope and remember how small and insignificant some things really are.

Maybe, if you're interested I will show you more photos here on the blog.

So i say to myself, don't abandon all hope, there are enough stars in the sky to watch, more figures and model kits in the house to build and paint in this life (but remember I'm like a cat, I have more than one life), more photos to take and I know that the time in the next few weeks isn't enough to do all.

If there is any time left over, I'm going to watch old movies. Movies with James Stewart, John Wayne and series like Space Above and Beyond, Firefly (my personal favorite), Battlestar Galactica (the old and the new series), Spaceship Orion, UFO and so on and I will read some novels. At least I still have to catch up half a year of Perry Rhodan.

How do you spend your vacation, or how did you spend it?

As you will have noticed I've given my blog a new look. I hope you enjoy it. The design is still not quite finished, some modifications are planned as soon as I have time and inclination. You can even write me what you like and dislike.

So you see, not only heaven has to wait, the work too.
At least during the next few weeks.

With this in mind...


  1. My holidays are spent entertaining the kids, there'll be no time for games, I get in a little painting when I can. Have a great time off work!

    1. I think entertaining kids can be a great game too. Sometimes it is like a big adventure. I remember very well the time I had to entertain my son. Last but not least it was a great time.

  2. You are a wise man Bruno, to know what is important. Work can steal your life and drain a man's soul, eating him up while the minutes pass into hours, into days, into years. I learned this when my daughter was born. She would only take her first steps once, only say her first words once, only read for the first time once and I chose to be there so I would not miss those once in a lifetime moments. I left behind a career and money for my family and when I die, I'll die a happy woman.

    Enjoy every sunsets and every starlit night Bruno, for each night the sky looks different, even from the same place.

    1. Thanks Anne. I fully agree with you and I'm happy that I'm with my son as he does the first time the things you've called. Where has this time gone? Now he is grown up and studied computer science. Money is important, but it isn't the important thing in life. I will try to change my directions and priorities step by step and definitely I will enjoy every sunset and starry night.

  3. a very moving post Bruno!
    new design from a new man? (I love this design!)
    sometimes it's important to do a Big Break .... not always possible, but small breaks like vacations could be good, if we don't have to run all around the world!
    How I spent mine? I was at home, looking at the Olympic games on TV and didn't do much more! (except a little bit painting and watching movies..)
    I'm happy to learn that you like Firefly, Battle Star Galactica (didn't see the old serie), western and Si-Fi movies!
    (but I like also some others, like Dr Who (except the actual one with a very bad Doctor/actor!), Cadfael (a medieval monk detective!) and ... LoTR ! )

    I second Anne : you're a Wise Man!

    I wish you all the best!

    (Oh, I've forgotten: your photos are great ones ! you can post 1, 2, 3, or more when you want, I will be happy to see more!)
    (and I would like to learn how you do for choose such nice font characters!)

    1. Hello Pascal. Thanks for your comment and your wishes!. A new design from the old man who tries to get a new thinking and feeling for his life. I'm happy that you like the new design. I agree with you, that I couldn't change my whole life at one time. I'll try to do it step by step, where it's possible. Unfortunately I didn't have seen Dr. Who and Cadfeal. Maybe they will show it sometimes in german TV. I will show you time by time some pictures here. The font you asked comes with the basic of the new design. It's a web font named Sunshiny. You can find this template in blogger dashbord - template design - picture window (the last of the three possibilities). The template design itself I then have revised a little bit. If you need more informations, you can send me an email. You can find my email address in the Disclaimer.

      Have a good time!


  4. Hi Bruno,
    I think your new blog format looks very good. And the attached slideshow is a nice touch and appreciated.
    I hope that Harvey (Jimmy Stewart) and The Shootist (John Wayne) are available for your vacation viewing pleasure; two of my favorites.
    Enjoy your time off, kick back and relax.

    1. Hi John, I'm very pleased that you like the new design of my blog. Yes, Harvey and the Shootist are availiable on DVD beside several other movies with this actors e.g. Shenendoah, The Glenn Miller Story, rear Window, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Fort Apache, Rio Grande. I'm really enjoying it, to look the movies of these great actors. But I like also movies like Gods and Generals and Gettysburg.

      Thank you and have a good time.

      Best regards