Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nothing new on my model-builder front


Since you have started countless projects with a lot of enthusiasm and effort and instead to complete one of these projects, you start another one. Then you sit there and would prefer to do everything at once, but this is unfortunately not possible. And if then the other interests make another spanner in the works, you get even more did not.

Yes, life as a model-builder may already be tedious and frustrating.

What the heck. The best way out of trouble is .... to start a new project, of course. For one of the unfinished projects I need some barbed wire. But I doesn’t have (except in scale 1:1).

You may ask for the reason why I have barbed wire in scale 1:1.  The answer is easy.  I need it to protect the decorated Christmas tree and my models before our cats (or vice versa). ;-)

So what to do? Buy? Nah, too boring. Why are we modellers? So we build ourselves a barbed wire “out of the box” so to speak. Out the box means, in my case to take a box containing old wire from a machine, cut the wire to the needed length and begin to tie the wire. 

Last night I started it and finished about 6 cm. Meanwhile, I have more nodes in the fingers than at the wire. I hope I get the finger sometime unknotted. 

If the experiment "barbed wire Build Your Own" is a success, I will introduce to you the result here. Otherwise, we prefer to cover the cloak of silence about it. 

On this blog I've added a little guestbook. Please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks in advance.

So that's it for today. You see, there’s nothing new on my model-builders front.

You all have a peaceful Christmas season!

With this in mind....


  1. Very interesting post!
    I agree with you: it's always a problem to finish something before starting another project!
    Generally, I begin several in the same time, in part because I don't like the moment when I've finished something and in part because I have too much ideas!! crazy! but I think that it's because I'm afraid that I could never do them all (life is so short, I'm not immortal ....)

    Making barded wire in our scales is crazy too, but if you do it, you will have a great satisfaction.
    Let's go, Bruno!

    Best Christmas Season !

  2. Hi Pascal thanks for your kind comment. For me, finishing a project has a little bit of giving away my child. With the too much ideas, it's the same with me. The last two days I don't find the time to work on the barbed wire. I hope I find more time in the new year.

    Always have a good time.