Sunday, June 30, 2013

HMS Prince of Wales - Part 2

Starting with the project this week, I thought I became crazy. I thought that if  HMS Prince of Wales is on the box, a HMS Prince of Wales is in the box there. Far from it! It seems to me, that in the miniship series from Revell the only difference between the ships of the King George V class is the name and the box art. The sprues are the same. So I started searching for pictures of the Prince of Wales and models of this ship. There are many pictures availiable, but less of them show me the details I want to see. Maybe I used the wrong search terms. However, I take the decision to change some parts of the model. I don't know whether the changes I make are historical correct or not. If you have some information or sources about the Prince of Wales I'm happy if you share the information or link with me. Thanks in advance!

AA stands in the bow area

I didn't found pictures of the Prince of Wales which show these five AA stands in the bow area. Also no drawings I'd found shown these stands. So I removed the AA stands. I filled the hole of the flag pole with putty, because it seems that the hole has a diameter of more than 15 inch in this scale. I think it's a little bit to large.

AA stands in the stern area

It's the same with the AA stands in the stern area. As far as I knew the Prince of  Wales had there a square stand for a 40mm Bofors and not two single stands. I removed these stands and fill the hole for the flag pole and a little hollow with putty. Later I will place there the  stand for the 40mm Bofors.

The catapult area
In this area is a hole to place the airplane (Walrus). I filled it with putty, because I don't know whether I will show the airplane on the shipdeck or not.

Again some AA stands

Again there are AA stands where I can't find references for the Prince of Wales. Some models show there cabins or somthing else of this kind. So I removed the stands. Later I will build the structures for this area.

As last step on the shipdeck I removed all planks, as you can see in the picture above.

Next, I sanded all the portholes on the hull, because  they stuck out very distinctive from the hull. In their place, I drilled small holes. Okay on some of the holes I have to do a little rework. Additionally, I have milled the hawse-holesa a little bit.

With this in mind....


  1. Hola Amigo
    Tu tranquilo y con buena letra que pinta bien ese proyecto que tienes,estaré a tentó
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  2. @j.d

    Thank you very much for your kind comment j.d