Sunday, August 25, 2013

Time To Rearrange

After sitting some years in the living room still having the same wallpaper it's getting tedious and it is somewhat depressing. Isn't it?

The same happens to me with my blog and because of I'm an collector  I collected some things here which I think I don't need.

The time is therefore ready for a late spring cleaning...

What I have done...

Minor changes

You will have noticed that I've created a new header and a new background for this blog. I hope you like it! I think I can live the next days with this design ;-)

Because I'm trying several things and ideas (most of them in my testblog, some of them in this blog too) I've added a little textbox on the left where I will document in future for your information the changes on the blog. So feel free to read the information from time to time. The box is called FYI - News on the Blog.


Major changes 

The comment system

As you can see in the box I switched back from the Google+ comment system to the Blogger comment system due to problems of combining both systems. As Google brings their new comment system I want to give it a chance and switched to this system. 

One great disadvantage is that you must have a Google+ account to write a comment. But what do readers do without a Google+ account? Not all are willing to create a new Google+ account and so they can't comment. 

For this reason I've installed a little hack which allows to write comments with the normal Blogger comment system using the possible profiles (e.g. OpenID). This comments were shown in the Google+ comment stream.

This works fine in the first time and I was really considering to stay in this solution. But at last time some readers give a comment via Blogger comment system, I got a email notification but the comment doesn't appear in the Google+ comment stream. After a little research it seems to me that Google changed something. I've read from several bloggers that they have the same problem.

Okay, the design of the Google+ comment system has not really fit my design and it was not adjustable for those things. Due to these points I decided to go back to the Blogger comment system. Sorry for the inconvenience because the comments you've made in the Google+ comment system are not longer visible here.

Table of Content

I've created a new page named Table of Content (T.o.I) where you can find all posts from this blog sorted by the labels.


Menue Bar

I've installed a new menue bar instead to show the blog pages. By the time I'll add some menu items.

That's all for now folks and maybe we make a little paper trip to the pyramides in the next post.
Have a good time until then.

With this in mind....


  1. Hello Bruno great look the new blog !
    Greetings .

  2. Hola
    Los cambios si son para bien,es bueno
    un saludo

  3. Agree with Vincent : I like the new look and like I'm not a Google+ fan, I'm satisfied with the blogger system ! (I always subscribe at "Follow by e-mail" when I post a comment, so I've always notifications of the new comments)
    I will come back to have a closer look at your blog !

    Good job like all what you do !

    1. Thank you Pascal! Normaly I also subscribe at "Follow by e-mail" after posting a comment. Sometimes I forget it to subscribe, but not often. Google+ fan? I'm not realy a fan but I want to try some things out. Some are good, some not (as the Google+ commenting system).


  4. I knew there were problems with the new Google+ commenting system. I'm glad you switched back. I like the changes you've made!

    1. Thank's Anne! I am glad that you like the changes.